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CompareCaffeine – Privacy is Our Top Priority

CompareCaffeine has their reputation in the community for having the strongest privacy policy in Indian tech blogs. We have the police of taking care of the personal information the readers shared with CompareCaffeine while using the CompareCaffeine . We keep our reader’s data protect as much as possible from the privacy invaders from domestic or international threats. We do our best to keep your personal information like Email, Name, and other information safes within us.

The privacy policy applies to the pages, articles on the CompareCaffeine and our privacy policy is something which followed by our good Writers, Editors, Admin and even contributors.
The privacy policy also fights from spam and misuse of the community.

Electronic Communications & Emails

CompareCaffeine is a community-based tech blog, which needs the support of the readers from all over the world. We are planning to make our community big as possible to maintain the flow of growth, and we collect the email of users to send them new letters to ensure that our readers are informed of new and fresh content on Android or IOS smartphone tips and tricks. We use the newsletter option on xxx so that we can keep our community updated with latest technology changes.
Readers can subscribe to our newsletters and at any point of time they can subscribe to our newsletter. We give our readers the right to unsubscribe the newsletter, and we provide them with the unsubscribe option at the end of every newsletter.

Noe third-party user or any other source has access to your personal information which you use to comment, subscribe to the newsletter and the email sent to our support. We protect your data from third-party access. Which means, your information is safe with us and will not be shared at any cost.
We have a strict policy of keeping the subscribers or former subscriber data safe. We never share the details of the readers to any third party, and we protect your data from the third parties. Thus your information is safe with us. You do not have to worry about the email and rest the information ever after then unsubscribing to our newsletter.

We fight against spam, and we never spam your inbox with unnecessary newsletter and promotions. We understand the inconvenience. Thus we only send important information once in a week.

To keep your inbox clean, we only send you content which is important to your and your smartphones. Your inbox is safe with us.

Traffic and RSS Data

More than 80% websites use tracking codes to keep a watch on the users within site to understand user behavior and improve themselves by using the information collected. Collecting information within site is common practice, and it is valid plus legal.

Note: As a community, we appreciate if readers drop their suggestions and email us with the information, suggestions, feedback and more and we use that information to improve yourself.

  • We have also applied the latest tracking code by Google Analytics, thus readers I’m formation collected is also safe with us.
  • We also list the things we keep track on, and they are Location (only the city), Page visited, Number of viewed, Referrals, ISP (Internet service provider), Browser, and more. We use this information to understand the readers and their movements to improve our services. We also improve our content based on the views.
  • The privacy policy does include your information tracked by the Google Analytics (not personal information like name address or identity).

Cookies, Web Beacons, and Log Files.

Currently, more than 82% website run on cookies and website with cookies enabled do not allow browsers which have disabled cookies. If you are wondering what a cookies in the browser is then let us give you a short description of it.

  • Cookies are something which stores files and data of site when you are revising a site more than once cookies allow you to load the site faster than before. Saved cookies are data of websites which can be used more than once.
  • The cookies are also used more than just loading a site. Cookies store your usage and activity, in other words, there are few sites and tracking codes which download the cookies to understand what you like and when you like to make the ads, viewing and reading easier. Currently, we have AdSense enabled on our site, and the Google Adsense use the cookies data to display relevant ADS which helps us generate revenue.

What we do with the information collected by the Google Analytics is to understand and bring the best out of us every day. One of the major aspects us improving out content and the engagement is actually via Analyzing it.

If you are wondering that how you can avoid getting the Cookies un-downloadable, then you can do that by disabling your cookies option. There are several sites out there which are running using the cookies so you might able to access it.

Our privacy policy does not include users or readers who has disabled their cookies and trying to access it. Cookies must be enabled in order to access the blog.

You can remove or delete cookies eacg time you svist the site and we do not own or have any control over the cookies your browser generate. You can contact your browser team for details.

Paid & Sponsorships

CompareCaffeine does accept sponsored content and ADS on the The blog has a strict policy of looking into the ADS and content for any false or misuse information to lure clients or customers. We do take care of the content which is inappropriate for the audience. In such occurrence, we terminate the ADS or content with guidelines and approved AD or content.

CompareCaffeine prohibits the clients or sponsored ADS to manipulate the ads or content in a such they can promote their products which has no quality nor any guarantee on it. You can contact us and inform the team regarding the uncomfortable content on the site, if proved, it will result in termination of the piece of promotion content.

You can contact us anytime.