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Rise of GoPro Cameras: Which is the right new GoPro for you?

GoPro-ing has now become a phenomenon with more than 6000 new tagged videos are uploaded to YouTube each day. The cameras which are small but strong enough, with extraordinary high-class videos can be posted online right away comes with cheapest tag price as compared with its features. This small piece of wonder can snap out wonderfully well have actually revolutionized digital imaging. Be it in a bright sunny day or the zooming cars, bikes or underwater swims,ski jumps, sky dives….. Just name the situations and GoPro is always there making that particular event more memorable.


Feel the new experience with the range of GoPro cameras

The company has come up with a great sequel the new Hero4. In 2013, it sold about $1 billion in cameras and accessories. The Hero4 Black edition is much more advanced in the GoPro range, which can capture 4K at 30 frames per second. The operation does not eat up the batteries can last for 30 minutes of non stop 4K shooting. The easy to read menu provides an upper advantage.

GoPro Hero4 Silver

The new $399 GoPro Hero4 Silver consumers prefer more because of its LCD preview screen makes it more consumer friendly among the GoPro camera circuit. Moreover, the video quality has been improved as compared with the previous Hero3+ models, but not as par the Hero4 Black. There is also an entry level capture at $129, the lowest price in this brand.

The Black edition of the 4K footage does not come with an LCD portability. But GoPro provides you with the facility where you can purchase LCD accessory @ $79.99 which allows you to compose, navigate and playback your footage. But be aware not to use your LCD on the Black edition as will eat up the battery faster. You can also use the free GoPro apps available with Apple and Android devices to compose, share and download.

Always buy extra batteries which come at a cost of $19.99 a piece before you run out of the shots. Purchase new batteries with the new opted options as the old set of batteries won’t fit in in your new camera.

GoPro has captured a big share of the market shadowing the smartphone camera experience popularity. It has drafted a new unique storyline of itself that a camera can make a huge difference of its inimitable features that a smartphone can’t do. The distinctiveness that it’s waterproof and can be set unthinkable places that a smart phone fails to accomplish.

The new Black edition is a professional camera with 4K capture is massive and not meant for amateurs who just want to share clips on YouTube or Facebook. The menu is also tough to navigate. As the black does not come with LCD you have to purchase an LCD back, with memory cards and multiple batteries which can load your pocket a bit extra.

The Silver edition with LCD and easy to navigate menu and the new placement of the battery makes it a better choice of purchase. But the picture quality is not so high as that of the Black Edition.