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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Features

Samsung has launched the dual-SIM Galaxy Note 4 in China. The model is divided into three categories like SM-N9109W for China Telecommunication, SM-N9106W for China Unicom and SIM-free called SM-N9108V. It is reported that unlocked version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is compatible for the connectivity 4G LTE. The first one like SM-N9109W of Galaxy Note 4 supports 4G over TDD- LTE and FDD-LTE Networks and the second one only suited for 2G networks. It is dual – SIM supported with 16GB inbuilt storage supported. The battery condition of this device is 3000mAh with which the user will be able to use the latest features of this mobile in a user friendly way. It has processed with 27GHz quad core qualcomm snapdragon 805 processor. This Samsung Galaxy Note 4 runs based on the Android 4.4 Kitkat with 5.7 inch quad HD pixel. It has two types like 27GHz quad core 805 processor based on chipset and the other is 1.9GHz octa-core plus 1.3 GHz quad core. It is facilitated with 3GB RAM.

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Awesome features of Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is featured with 16 megapixel autofocus camera along with Smart OIS and it als9 has 3.7 megapixel front base camera with F/1.9 lens. It has multi-functional connectivity options like Wi-FI, GPS/Glonass, Bluetooth v4.0 IR LED, MHL 3.0 and many more. It is also processed with Geo-magnetic sensor, RGB, IR LED, Barometer, finger scanner, heart rate monitor, hall sensor and lots of. Whatever the model is, all the models are based on android software base. Both the models are based on the chipsets and they are 1.9GHz octa-core and 2.7 quad core. It has 16GB internal space capacity, which is compared to 32 GB on the original variant. It is powered by 3000mAh battery. All the models of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 are supported by 4G TDD LTE and FDD LTE for the network connectivity expect SM-N9106W for China Unicom and it is only available for 2G networks. Actually, these high features oriented devices demand a normal charge which is really beyond of thought. Regarding the prices, you can follow the information below for better convenience.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 PRICE

In India, the cost of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will come at the maximum Rs. 61,500 but the market operating cost is from Rs. 58,300 to 58,500. In China, the price of unlocked version is at about CNY 5,199 but the price of the other two is not available. With this price range, this high feature oriented Note is really amazing. Within a short time, this Note will make a high potential market to meet the high requirements of the Note lovers. It is expected that very soon, the market price will come at the low level so that it will make a great market in near future.

Informative ideas

For the betterment, anyone can contact the concern person of the company through the email or phone number or can meet the office physically. With a perfect discussion, the customer will be able to keep a clear picture before purchasing the device.