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Smart phone goes in the pocket comfortable with a touch of DECO

In the recent time, Distributed Electronic Cosmic-Ray Observatory (DECO) has started its own journey on the technological track. DECO reduces the size of a smart phone into a pocket phone which can run with two small apps getting downloaded. These applications make the phone into a high energy particle. Though it is small sized, but it is to be used for the multi-purposes. It will be the latest invention in the world of smart phone. Basically, smart phone application is not able to replace sensitivity and precision larger, but DECO can gear up the phone toward education as well as citizen science. Though the application is not available for all kinds of smart phones, it is only applicable for Android phones if the phone is downloaded with both applications, Deco and data logger application. It is completely upgraded by the time and generation wise. It is very important to check that how the apps can be able making smart phone in pocket size effects in the new generation.

How does cosmic ray come to power?

Cosmic rays are till now a mystery and there are available in the cosmos. It constantly breaks down itself and releases an energy particle. The particles are protons, a mixture of other particles like electrons and atomic nuclei. According to the scientist’s assumption, much more mysterious hidden matter comes into the light with the touch of cosmic rays. The Muon in the DECO is easy to be detected and with the silicon chips, smart phone camera might come to be used. The other important aspect is that with the man’s application becomes very weak in communicating particles and in that purpose, DECO is the right application which easily captures the particle information from anywhere. In all of the features in coming new generation smart phone, this particular application really has been effective and fruitful.

The basic advantage

When the smart phone transfers itself to a pocket size using DECO, then it comes very easy to handle as well carry. Though it looks pocket size but it has much more effective features like high resolution camera and quick information sending procedure. As it is upgraded with high technological equipments, as a result of that, the users will get maximum benefit which is beyond of thoughts. It is very cool and sharp when it comes to be used for the actual needs. So take your steps and be happy with the phone.

The charge of it

Though it has a high standard of features with the upcoming technology, but the cost of it is calculated with the best consideration in which most of the fashionable smart phone users can afford the cost of this. But whatever the calculation goes forward to the right destination, but the actual amount will be under process until and unless, it comes on the market. But it should go for right justification with the market value. In the meantime, all the smart phone users need to wait and should see what comes up.