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This startup hopes to make conference calls flawless

It’s all about teamwork, these days and your team do not only constitute your immediate neighbor at office premises but also from distant within the country or even across different countries of the world. To really work as a team you need to collaborate and coordinate and discuss a common agenda. For this you need to unite through the video conferencing vehicle. Regretfully, these conference calls are a hell and a real pain for you to attend. You really hate those Polycom or GoToMeeting, Vidyo or Skype you just name it.


But finally this anguish may have been reduced a bit, with HighFive unveiling its solution, costing around $799 this gadget hopes to achieve for the speakerphone what Nest did for the thermostat. The feature comes with an HD video camera with four pieces of microphone array that can connect to any screen which has an HDMI input. Organizing and initiating to connect with your team members seamlessly is a havoc task that you all must have got a very awful experience. The of feature in this technology is coupled with a modern software package that makes organizing and joining your group members in video call makes your life a much easier.

The hardware of this gadget consists of a compact black box between two aluminum wings that is placed atop a flat screen or mounted on the walls. Most of your frustration comes during the conference session when you seem disconnected or muted and not able to hear the voice of your colleagues and suddenly you realized that your connection are gone hay way its nothing but frustrating, isn’t it.

Highfive’s solution to this problem was to come out with good audio calls with also a good visual experience at a cheaper rate. The goal of this mission was to establish more face-to-face connection between the co-workers, transforming these video conferencing sessions more productive and useful. The gadget actually detects the active speaker and places him on the screen to be seen by all. To ensure that everyone can be heard in a bigger office space, the microphone also spots on the active speaker. And more so , it has the ability to sense the voice within as far as 30 feet, freezes that person on the microphone and eliminates other background noises with seamless and natural way presenting you with a high quality of video conferencing.

The other form of calamity is these types of connection is that most of the people have juggled up with the host code or miss placing it. Once you are in the meeting room you would end up wasting your time without any proper utilization. Clicking on the calendar link is also a nightmare where you are told to enter two different nine digit code.

With the use of Highfive is just a simple link. You have to just click the launch of your mobile app or open a tab on your desktop browser. The gadget will be linked up to 10 people for free with unlimited audio, video and screen sharing. If you want to opt for advance features and a large audience that you need to get connected, the cost will be $10 per active user per month. There is no access or host, or participating code involved to carry out the function