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Top Features of iPhone 6 Plus satisfying the users

Now, in the market, iPhone 6 Plus comes with a unique touch. It is significantly bigger than iPhone5 but obviously it suits fits into anyones pocket. It is good and completely separate in the sense of physical condition, material aspects and construction quality. The front glass stretches itself from right to the edges and again a curve comes again in the aluminum frame which makes the user comfortable to hold the phone at ear of him or her. The shuttering system works as the way of protection if the phone is dropped on the ground. It is amazingly thin and light weighty. The power button of the device is extremely at the right hand edge; volume and mute control are on the left. On the right hand side of this device is SIM card tray and the headset socket, Lightning port and the speaker are on the button. Beside the metal body near the antennas, there must be plastic lines framing on the top and bottom.

iPhone 6 plus

iPhone 6 Specification

This iPhone 6 is processed with A8 processor and there must be co-processor named M8. As a result of that, sensor input is easily processed constantly without wasting any external power. It has two cores and the speculation pin with 14GHz. It is good to hear that though it has a power efficiency with the transistor, 20 nm manufacturing process brings a great development to its battery life. In regards to CPU specifications, it has A8 pales qualcomm’s flagship 800 series. It has 1GB RAM. It has also ‘Retina HD’ display resolution of 1080×1920 pixels with the best sharpness. It has the proper color accuracy, brightness and vibrancy. iPhone 6 Plus has a sufficient storage capacity, which is completely suitable for various applications, games, music, photos, recorded videos and movies. Ultimately, it has a giant size huge screen, brilliant camera and a powerful processor. It is with the facility of a barometer which allows M8 co-processor to find out elevation and track physical activity. Its Wi-Fi is no doubt of high quality and high standard with LTE bands and supported by Indian 2300MHz band.

iPhone 6 Camera

It is combined with a good camera and the resolution style is undoubtedly static. Video stabilization and autofocus are totally new and it gives a new look ultimately. The camera has optical image stabilization with the effective lens which slightly vibrations and shaky hands. Though the Apple does not give full control regarding setting but obviously, the user can change a little the system of device as well as iOS. The more important thing is that the user might have controls on the screen of this device rather the before.   The shape and size of the device give the user comfort during the time of taking the snap shot. The border on the thick screen gives the user enough space to keep you thumb when he is about to take the photos. It’s image quality really gives impression to us and you will be very pleased to know that with a low light or day light, the photo quality comes very prominent by the camera of this device.