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Two Simple Methods to Unroot Any Rooted Android Device

Rooting your Android device does give you a lot of privileges like custom ROM’s, kernels, themes and much more, but at the same time, it will void your phone’s warranty.

Rooting is something which has become a popular trend in the Smartphone industry. Many are switching to the custom ROM than the Official ROM because of the wide-range of usability. It is also another fact that the Smartphones can do more when the device is rooted. The smartphone warranty will be void

But there is an absolute risk that many users do not know and they can end up rooting a smartphone using one-click-root process. Which have many behind the scary stories?

  • The smartphone warranty will be void, no matter which Smartphone you use, if your device is under warranty you are doomed.
  • Did you know that many ROOT files are filled with malicious files which can send you personal information, media, files and even your activity to China or someone even worse?
  • A team hacked into the smartphone and stole information and then posted online, millions downloaded that information.

You can still undo what you have done to your Smartphone.

2 Simple Methods to Unroot Any Rooted Android Device

  • Battery Charge: Okay, you have to charge your Smartphone with 90% charge in it. It is not recommended if the change is below 90%.
  • Data Backup: This process will wipe out the data from your Smartphone so that there is not even one Third-party file exists on your smartphone.

Method One: SuperSU – Use This App

SuperSU is an app which is installed once you have rooted your Smartphone and you can find it on your Smartphone menu.

  • This method works for all Android devices that were rooted without installing a custom recovery.supersu full unroot
    1. in case, if you don’t have it then you can download it fromPlay Store then installs the app on your Smartphone.
    2. Fire up the installed SuperSU app, then go to Settings & look for “Full Root”.
    3. The app will ask for your confirmation and once you confirm it, the process starts.
    4. Once done, the smartphone will prompt to restart it.
    5. Once you have unrooted your smartphone then uninstall SuperSU.

    Method Two: Use ES File Explorer

Method One: ES File Explorer

In case, if the above method does not work out for you then you can try the next one because it works and i have tried irt personally once.

    1. Now Go to Play Store and Install ES File Explorer, Make sure that you don’t move the app to SD Card.
    2. Now fire up the app after the installation is finished.
    3. Select the option called “Root Tools” and tap on Root Explorer..

    ES file manager root explorer pic1

      1. Superuser will prompt you to grant permission and simply allow it.
      2. Return to the main screen of the File Explorer app and Now look for ‘/’  the top corner of the screen.

    ES file manager root explorer pic2

    1. Now let’s reach to the climax, Go to the System > Bin, find the Busy Box and delete the files.
    2. Go back to system folder then open ‘xbin’ folder and delete the busy box and so file there (if you found any).Once again go to the system files and look for Xbin then just delete the folder.
    3. Now go to System > App Folder > superuser.Apk > Delete it, then restart your Smartphone.
    4. After the restart your smartphone is now no longer Rooted.


Is there anything we are missing here? We would like tyo know your response on how well our methods have worked for you.

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