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home Technology Wednesday’s lunar eclipse will create a ‘blood’ moon

Wednesday’s lunar eclipse will create a ‘blood’ moon

Come Wednesday and you can experience, a total lunar eclipse will be visible. This is the second and the last lunar eclipse experience in the year 2014. The eastern time zone will experience just before sunrise while the western coast in the middle of the night.

lunar eclipse

The most fascinated experience this time is that appears coppery red nicknamed as blood moon. So why this phenomenon of turning red. To experience the spellbound occurrence all you need to do is to go to sleep late or wake up early. You can see with your bare eyes and don’t need any special pairs of glasses or gizmos, binoculars or telescope as in solar eclipses.

What is Lunar eclipse?

A total lunar eclipse occurs when the moon passes completely through the shadow cast by the Earth. The Sun, the earth and the moon nearly form a straight line so that the full moon passes through the shadow of the Earth called the umbra.

Why this red appearance?

Called as the blood moon the moon turns into coppery red color. This is because the sunset and the sunrise from the Earth will reflect onto the lunar surface. During the time of the eclipse thought it is the totally the shadow of the earth, some portions of the rays of the sun still reaches the moon transforming into a red circle

From where you can experience?

This time the eclipse will be visible from parts of eastern Australia, New Zealand, eastern parts of Asia, mostly from Japan, the Hawaiian Islands and the western parts of North America. The total eclipse will commence at 6.25 am ET, 5.25 am CT, 4.25 am MT and 3.25 am PT and continue until 7.24 am ET (4.24 am PT)

What you will see?

After 30 minutes of the start timings the upper left half of the moon will have a reddish tint, while the lower right remains darker with a silvery gray in color. The moon will appear the darkest and the most colorful this time. But the color actually depends on the atmospheric conditions at that time. Those staying in the eastern part of north America will find brightening dawn and the westerners will experience the moon sinking low while the eclipse is still in progress

What the weather gods forecast?

The forecast may make you a little worried, as clouds and rain can limit the viewing in the more populated northeastern USA. The clouds are seen travelling from the southwest, according to the AccuWeather. It’s a bit better luck in the south and central USA may experience a clear view with some partial clouds. Thick clouds and heavy rain will hamper the viewing of the eclipse over the southwestern part.

For those who will be missing out

If the clouds and the rain do play as a spoil sport, don’t worry, just feel happy enough as you will be getting two more chances next year, one in April 4 2015 followed by Sept 28 2015.

For those who are eagerly waiting for Solar Eclipse, a partial solar eclipse can be experienced in some parts of the USA this month only on October 23.