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What to Do with That Gadget in Your Pocket?

Smartphones, smartphones everywhere! Last year, the number of active smartphones has exceeded 3 billion globally, which means that there is one active smartphone out there for almost every second human on the planet. And the number of smartphones is expected to grow in the coming years. According to Ericsson’s 2016 Mobility Report, there will be 6.3 billion active smartphones by the end of 2021. And all of them will have mobile broadband subscriptions, connecting them to the rest of the world wirelessly.

New gadgets, new uses

The first smartphone as we know it was launched just a little less than a decade ago. The iPhone started a revolution, opening up a whole new platform for developers. News, shopping, social networks, and even games have suddenly become mobile after its launch, putting a whole world of entertainment into our pockets.

Mobile entertainment has grown at an incredible rate in the last few years. The mobile internet coverage is almost complete in the more developed areas, and is quickly catching up in others. Which means that soon you’ll be able to play your favorite Euro Palace games in the middle of the Amazon, or wherever else you feel like it. And it will be worth it, too – the Euro Palace constantly adds new titles to its game library, both on desktop and mobile. The Euro Palace Mobile Casino currently has over 100 games, with new ones added every month.

Smartphones have replaced several of the gadgets we thought were “indispensable” a few years ago. Compact cameras, MP3 players, eBook readers, pocket radios, even pocket mirrors are quickly disappearing thanks to the ever increasing capabilities of our smartphones. In some countries smartphones have even replaced wallets and credit cards – they can be used with ease to pay for the groceries, or even a dinner at a restaurant, in a completely secure and simple way.

What the future holds for our gadgets

Soon, smartphones will be in greater control of our lives than we can imagine. They will replace everything from car keys to the garage remote. Some smart TVs are already capable of being remotely controlled through WiFi – soon this might become mainstream.

Touchscreens work great for some types of games – especially casual games, puzzles, word games and their likes – but they suck when it comes to shooters, for example. This might lead to the development of new types of controllers, or even smartphone-based portable gaming consoles with cameras, internet connections, and similar capabilities.

Last, but not least, mobile VR will grow beyond Google’s Cardboard and Samsung’s Gear sooner than you imagine. Virtual reality, and augmented reality, are expected to grow at an incredible rate in the coming years, becoming mainstream in the very near future.

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