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What To Know About Digital TV Antennas?

Most of us remember growing up, or at least seeing, those rabbit ear antenna and having to move them this way and that to get a shaky signal to your TV. They sat in most homes right next to the dial-up internet. With cable and satellite TV making a common appearance in homes, it’s easy to forget that there is an alternative to paying subscription fees and signing contracts. Getting an antenna for your home to get local broadcasting channels may be a great option for your family if you don’t need all of the stations offered by big name providers that come with contracts and monthly fees.

Since antennas have really become a thing of the past that is often forgotten about, there are a few things to know and keep in mind when thinking about buying on. Let us help you learn the difference between fact and fiction when it comes to digital TV antennas. Here you can read about all the best ones on the market to consider buying after you’ve learned a little more about the devices.

  •         You’ll get superior quality in both picture and sound, as well as a better experience that is cheaper and easier to manage. Cable and satellite companies compress their images, and local broadcasting won’t, so you’ll get a clear and crisp image.
  •         They can be used even with a cable or satellite TV plan. Sometimes the signal is lost through your provider, and your antenna can be a back-up in case that happens. You’ll also be able to get more channels through your local broadcasting station that may not be included in your cable plan.
  •         Unfortunately, location is heavily reliant on where you are. Hilly areas or places with a lot of trees and rural areas will weaken your signal, or sometimes make it impossible to get one at all. You’ll need an amplified antenna or other modifiers to help defeat this issue.
  •         It’s important to know where your local broadcasting tower is. You’ll want to point the antenna in that direction, and knowing how far you are from it may sway which antenna is best for you. The closer you are, the better the signal you’ll receive, so if there is a lot of distance between you and the tower, you’ll need a stronger antenna.
  •         Everything is free after you get the antenna! You’ll get several channels and sub-channels, which can play different features, all without having to pay for it. Several movies and stations are included for a price on cable and satellite TV, but not with the antenna. You’ll be able to watch sports, news, weather, kids shows, comedy and sitcoms, and more with your antenna. Check what your local broadcasting tower features.
  •         Despite having many different styles and shapes, there is no “best” or “top choice” antenna. Which one is the best fit for you depends on the location of your home and the area around it. You can get indoor or outdoor antennas.

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