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What’s new in Windows 10: Top Features

Microsoft has recently unveiled its new window named Windows 10 which is the upcoming release of Microsoft windows operating system and it will be released in late 2015. The launch of windows 10 aims to address the shortcomings in the user interface which was first introduced by windows 8 by adding additional mechanics designed to improve the user experience for non-touch screen devices like desktop and laptop computers.

windows 10

During the unveiled of window 10 Myerson said to media that Windows 10 would be Microsoft’s most comprehensive platform ever. Myerson refused to explain why Microsoft skipped directly to window 10 from Window 8 instead of numbering it Windows 9.

Microsoft has not yet released facts on how will window 10 work or how it will be distributed. This new window has lots of features which are very useful and beneficial for the user.

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The main feature of this OS is that the start button will be alive again, the button which we can’t see in Windows 8. Well this will be the best thing for users and it will make everything easy for users. It also brings with it a new customizable space for app and lives tiles which works as shortcuts and provide notifications in real time.

The user interface of Windows 10 is designed primarily to optimize its experience. Windows 10 also contains mechanics for transitioning between touch based and non touch interface behavior for devices such as convertible laptops and tablets with a keyboard dock. Plugging in keyboard, users will now able to ask if they want to remain in touch or not.

Console Windows like command prompt now provides a new set of experimental options which modernize their functionality such as pasting text using Ctrl+V. By default Windows 10 will receive critical updates and security patches as they are released but users and system administrators will have the ability to delay the automatic deployment of non critical updates or disable them entirely.

There will be some new multitasking options in Windows 10.  Those new task view button on the taskbar for quick switching between open files and quick access to any desktop which you will create. So now you can create multiple desktops for different purposes and switch between these desktops easily.

Windows 10 will no more display the large tiles on the home screen like older version of Windows. But still you can arrange your items or folders on the home screen and add your favorite picture on the background.

Well, though it resembles the features of Windows 7, we are hoping that Windows 10 will prove the best and successful among Microsoft’s versions of operating system.