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Wireless charging

The wireless charging technology “Qi” is the interface for the inductive charging. This can charge devices in or around 1.4 or 4cm of radius. So, how this works is by the transmission of energy from a power source or transmitter to the receiver. In the smartphone technology, the charging dock or charging station is the transmitter and the device with the receiver receives charge from the transmitter and thereby the device charges. The mobile phone industry are working towards this so that it could be common for all types of devices. According to reports, there are over 140 smartphones that supports this technology.

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What is inductive wireless charging technology ?

Inductive wireless charging technology is a technology where it uses the help of electromagnetic field to transfer energy between two devices.

This is how it works :

  • Energy is sent to the inductive charging coil
  • Induction coil creates an electromagnetic field
  • Energy is transmitted
  • Device with the receiver receives power wirelessly.

To be more technical, the voltage induced in the coil of the transmitter emits a electromagnetic field through which the energy is transmitted to the receiver.

This type of wireless charging is seen everywhere nowadays. Tables, phones, everywhere. Even in the electric toothbrush we use everyday. The electric toothbrush dock is the best example, the bottom part of the electric toothbrush has the receiver and the dock for the toothbrush has the transmitter.  And just because the toothbrush and the dock i.e. Transmitter and receiver is aligned properly, energy wastage and overheating is avoided. Wireless power has changed the way how we live our lives

What is RF wireless charging technology?

Radio frequency wireless charging or RF wireless charging utilizes the help of the radio frequencies to charge the devices nearby it. It is similar to the wifi signals. The advantage with this is that there are no need for wires here and unlike induction based charging, this technology is based on near field radio frequency transmission. They are of short range with small circuit integrated in it. This small chip can handle power transfer for the nearby devices without the need for wires.

Wireless charging updates :

Humavox is one of the company working forward towards the longer range wireless charging that includes charging upto 15 feet of range. They have also announced a transmitter hub that is capable of delivering 5.5 watt of power to devices 5 feet away from the hub. What more could happen? There are tables where you can place your phone anywere to charge it.


There are lots and lots of promising technology right now. But how well will the wireless charging technology work. It might be fun to charge wireless, only with the sacrifice of wired charging and ready to face the slow charging. The general consumers in the market should also accept it right? comment your views.

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