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Zynga launches revamped ‘Words With Friends’

Who does not remember the game Farmville. Yes, it was Zynga the pioneered in social games is launching a new version of Words with Friends gaming circuit. The target of the company is to regain footing in the mobile technology age. Still recently Zynga Inc has been struggling in the mobile game market for some time and this is why the company is again trying to re-strategize. One of the steps was to rebooting hit games. First, they launched a new version of the Farmville. And now the company is introducing a new adoption of Words with Friends for iOS and Android device.

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Words with Friends was first launched five years back in 2009 same like the Scrabble game concept. This word puzzle game of Scrabble has a large social participation is currently with around 7.7 billion players across the globe is in the top free games on Apple’s App store.

Zynga taking a player centric approach to coincide with the present lifestyle of the evolving mobile habits can able to play the games at their own schedule time targeting more player participation. The most outstanding feature in the new version of the Words with Friends is that you can actually play solo all by your own and be able to adjust the level of the games according to your skills and performance level. There is a computer controlled challenger to adjust your level of gaming. Above all it won’t even require internet connection for that.

Just wait. You are not sidelined playing solo games just by your own. You can actually invite and player Community matches. The computer detects the ideal component for you or you can invite your personalized contacts. There is also an additional feature to strengthen your vocabulary. Every day if you happen to learn at least a single word from this unique feature, it will surely enhance your skills and you can prove victorious at the end of the word fights . You will be getting to know your opponent player with various statistics like number of wins and losses with strong and unique words that are used by the player, so that you prepare yourself taking guards before entering the arena.

You can also spot a lot of change in the design of the Words with Friends game. The game fabrication is a lot sleeker and smarter to attract more users to feel the difference.

The market scenario in the overall mobile gaming platform has a strong foothold with increasing prospects, but the market position of Zynga is on a downward slide. The company is still struggling. The issues confronting deal with the problems in regard to the quality of the game, various spam issues that arise here and then and that of the intellectual property.

Zynga currently is going through a lot of change as the company appointed a new chief executive officer Don Mattrick taking over in 2013. The company with buying Newtoy the expansion focused on “With Friends” brand with the included games like Mathing with Friends, Running with Friends and Hanging with Friends. Now the focus shifts on the “Words” part of the original game title. The organization is currently testing new games like Words on Tour in the countries like Ireland and Singapore.